– Design requires content, purpose and intent. Otherwise it's just art.


Warner's Design Theory
& Guide to Happiness

“Stay low, stay quiet, keep it simple, don't expect too much, enjoy what you have.” These are words I live by, and constantly remind myself- whenever I'm caught up in a project.

"Stay low. Stay quiet, and keep it simple." My process is driven by these three things because it defines keeping my ego in check, learning from others, and working along the path of least resistance as a team. Ultimately, maintaining a mutual respect for the work, and keeping the vibe a positive one.

"Don't expect too much, and enjoy what you have.”  Though these beliefs exist in similar realms of my life, each define traits I aspire to uphold. Keeping expectations low makes the payoff all the higher when you succeed. Which in turn forces you to enjoy what you have, because the only other decision is insanity.