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Emerald Nuts Social Media

Emerald Nuts Social Media

The expansion of the Emerald Nuts following has been an undertaking within itself. Through a combination of collaboration, and plenty of research by every member of the Emerald creative team we achieved public awareness in many new social circles.  Through the updating of packaging and the increased awareness on social media alone, audiences doubled in size and thus became more engaged with this new identity that is Emerald Nuts.

Whilst this once lost on the shelf brand was undergoing this massive change I believe every member of the team grew along with it. We each gained invaluable skills both from each other, as well as through any channel or venue we could acclimate into our daily lives. It was within these confines that I perfected many existing and new skills. Examples of these include but certainly are not limited to how to plan and create a proper targeted editorial calendar across various social platforms, while creating a style and process that both met the needs of the client, and spoke to not only their existing audience, but millennials as well. 

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The challenge was not simply in who we were trying to reach, but that we had limited resources and little time to polish initial concepts. This ultimately lead us to simply create an infinite library of ideas to fall back on when issues in posts, or campaigns stalled publishing. Not only was this process of creating any idea we as the team deemed probable within our budget profitable as a safety net to our monthly editorial calendar. But also allowed us to better understand each other's thought processes, and what skills each member excelled at. Thus streamlining the growing process and accelerating the rate in which brilliant content was created.

Further more as our process evolved the ability to think on our feet was achieved through the knowledge that if at any point if an idea hit a wall we had various content to fall back on. Which in turn allowed the team and the client to take bigger risks within the concepting portion of our process


Personal Contributions/ Skills

  • Ideation & execution of various posts & campaigns
  • Storyboarding, Pitching, Managing, Animating, & General Production of Emerald Nuts Social Video Content.
  • Spearheading Product Photography, & Content Refinements
  • Sound Engineering & limited Sound Technician 


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