Magnet Media

Magnet Media is the market leader in providing strategic and creative content solutions for brands. Specializing in telling brands’ stories by producing and syndicating compelling video and interactive content through social platforms to share their stories, reach and engage their target audiences, and ultimately drive actions that deliver business results.

The strategic and creative capabilities there have kept Magnet at the forefront of digital media for over 13 years, working with top worldwide brands to help them derive true business value from content solutions.

Clients include Google, NBC, DreamWorks Animation, Amazon, Xbox, Showtime, Microsoft, ABC, The Associated Press, PBS, and many other world-class brands.




This philosophy has been engrained in my mind since my very first days as an intern at Magnet Media. It has allowed me to understand that it takes more than a pretty design being thrown on a website, and tweeted about to make a brand interesting. It's essential to take a creative idea, present a campaign flow and distribution plan, and remember to strategize for the foreseeable business objectives and metrics that can be measured against in order to achieve those objectives.

Logo Design

Magnet Media's "Originals" series has allowed me to continue one of my favorite aspects of design, logo design.

Web Design

A relatively new aspect of Magnet Media's services. I have learned a lot through my Art Director and friend, Francis Visaya about what makes a site truly great.

Presentation Design

My latest consistent duty has been to handle all of the presentations that Magnet Media pitches.