– Feedback, the breakfast of champions.

Ken Blanchard

Eric is hard-working, dedicated, creative, and loves a challenge. His work, which was already slick when he came to us, continues to grow, and he absorbs feedback and direction like a sponge. All around, just an upbeat, positive, and fun energy to have around — and thankfully, great work to match.
— Ryan Swearingen | Senior Manager, Digital Content Strategy at Digital Media Group DIRECTV / AT&T
It’s rare to work with someone as passionate, talented, detailed & focused as Eric. I was particularly impressed by his ability to handle even the toughest clients effortlessly, and his ability to juggle multiple projects & still consistently deliver exceptional results. I consider him a wonderful asset to any team.
— Fabiola Reina | Senior Designer at Girvin
Eric is exactly what you want in a design professional; hard working, easy to communicate with, intuitive, lightning fast and extremely talented. In his time at Magnet Media he has quickly risen through the design ranks and is now entrusted with some of our most important projects. I can recommend Eric with the highest confidence.
— Mike Raffensperger | Marketing Executive & Media Junkie at Amazon
From basic imagery to videos he created the type of posts that drove fantastic organic engagement and community growth and made my job easier. He always came to the table with fresh ideas and way to leverage content in new and interesting ways.
— Fletcher Helle | Social Media Manager at Girvin
Eric is a joy to work with. He is super creative, very dedicated, and goes the extra mile with any and all assignments we provide him. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Eric as an invaluable member of our team.
— Megan Cunningham | Founder/CEO at Magnet Media, Inc.

Eric J Warner | ericwarner188@gmail.com | Seattle WA